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On The Farm

Cwmcrwth Farm is a small working farm home to a selection of native and rare breed animals.
All of our animals are kept for breeding and registered stock is available for sale. Predominantly our pigs are bred for pork. We take them to a small ethical abattoir and process them for sale under the brand Nant Du Pork. The wool from our sheep is woven into blankets and used in our holiday cottages and sold as Daisy's Blankets. But the overwhelming contribution our animals bring is the pleasure they give to our holiday cottage guests. Visitors can get close to all the animals. They can feed, muck out and help care for them and for those wanting to learn more our farm experience can extend to Smallholder & Pig Keeping Courses and Farmhouse Pork Curing.

Oxford Sandy & Black Pigs

The Oxford Sandy and Black pig is a traditional rare breed which neared extinction 20 years ago. Well recognised for its mothering skills and calm temperament and its ability to deal with all types of conditions make it an ideal pig for Cwmcrwth Farm. Docile with visitors to the point of friendliness means even children can enter pens with the large boars.

The Nant Du herd is bred predominantly for the high quality meat sold mainly to the top local restaurants and shops. Traditionally cured bacons and hams, speciality sausages and hand seasoned pancettas are available through our on line Farm Shop and through local shops and festivals. This year will see the launch of a new charcuterie range and Farmhouse Curing Workshops.

Of the 4 male and 13 female lines remaining we have 2 male and 9 female lines available for breeding and sale. Please contact us if you have an enquiry about stock or you are interested in our Pig Keeping Courses.

Highland Cattle

Highland Cattle are one of Britain's oldest, most distinctive, and best known breeds, with a long, thick, flowing coat and large horns. Originating from Western Scotland they are ideally suited to the Welsh weather and habitat. 

The Cwmcrwth Fold consists of a young black bull, 4 cows (1 white, 2 reds and 1 black) and 2 two year old heifers (a brown and a dun) plus 4 young calves.
Ideal for conservation grazing they assit with the biodiversity and conservation of ancient habitats and meadows on the farm. As well as adding to the landscape!
Very popular with guests to watch and photograph and even paint.  

Cotswold Sheep

Cotswold sheep were introduced to the UK by the Romans and were reknown for their beautiful thick wool known as the 'Golden Fleece'  giving them their shaggy appearance. Today Cotswold's are classified as a rare breed.

Our small Towy Flock of registered Ewes and Rams are predominantly kept for maintenance of the meadows and breeding. Guests love to visit at Easter and watch lambing live in our barn. But the star of the flock is Daisy our orphaned lamb from 2011 who befriends every visitor and who gives her name to our woollen blankets woven from their fleeces. 


We have inherited 2 goats from a retiring smallholder, Dora the Angora and Gertie the Golden Guernsey both rare breeds.

The Golden Guernsey goat is indigenoue to Guernsey but has been saved from extinction by breeding on mainland Britain. A small goat with low milk yield it is very adaptable requiring only feeding and housing.

The Angora goat is an ancient breed and generally bred for its fleece. Mohair is a soft, lustrous and hard wearing fibre used in fine clothing.

Both of our goats require regular pedicures and due to the wet nature of our land spend periods inside which is ideal for visitors. We have not bred from the goats.

Children's Farm Holidays

Experience a small slice of rural life at Cwmcrwth Farm. Get involved with farming with activities to suit all ages. Child sized for a perfect family friendly holiday. Small numbers of animals to ensure children are not overwhelmed and to give you a peek of farming life without the interuptions to your holiday of a large working farm. 

With battam chickens and piglets even toddlers can get up close without being overwhelmed.

  • Collect your own eggs for breakfast

  • Come at Easter for shaggy sheep lambing

  • Meet Bronwyn's Blotchy brood of piglets 

  • Take the goats for a walk & stroke Toffee the pony

  • Help feed the animals

  • Feed the ducks 

  • Paddle & play in the streams

Join farmer Rob on feeding rounds or just visit the animals at your leisure.

Junior Farmers

For families who would like to get involved with farming we offer Children's working farm holidays with activities adapted to suit to all ages.

Accompany Farmer Rob on his daily rounds:

  • Help with feeding & watering the animals

  • Cleaning out the pens

  • Looking after your own pigs & chickens

  • Checking animals

  • Brushing the horses

Learn the basics of looking after pigs and even join our farmhouse sausage making course. Fun for all the family on a wet weather day!

We are now offering specific dates & packages for Junior Farmers and Little Ones breaks. 


Smallholding Experience Breaks

For the budding smallholder we offer a Smallholding Experience Break. Aimed at couples and families who would like to move to a smallholding and want to experience the reality  before they take the plunge. It tests your mettle and dedication! 
The Smallholding Experience Holiday can also be for those wanting to experience hands on farming and pig keeping in particular or fancy an out of the ordinary activity holiday. Children over 10 are welcome to take part and the activities can be tailored to your party's specific interests. 

Specific rates and dates apply for these breaks. 


Lambing Live!

You've seen Lambing Live on TV. Come to Cwmcrwth Farm at  Easter and see lambing for yourself. Our small flock of Cotswold Sheep are all due to give birth around the Easter holidays and holidaymakers are welcome to come into the barn and watch. An  experience not to be missed.